Egadi in Sailboat

YOGA & SAILING cruise to the Egadi islands

Yoga & Sailing



The Yoga and Sailboat Weekend Mini Cruise is a magnificent journey where you will experience the freedom of practicing yoga, immersed in the beauty of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The beautiful coast of North West Sicily with its idyllic villages, picturesque coves and the ancient civilization of Magna Graecia are waiting to be explored. An excellent opportunity to experience traditional Sicily, immersed in the slow and unhurried pace of being aboard a sailboat.


Sit back, relax and let Captain Beppe Kamal, International Yoga Teacher Maya Swati Devi and our Vegan Chef Marco Mudra take you on an unforgettable journey.
The unique atmosphere and the freedom of the sailing boat, combined with Yoga and the natural lifestyle, which characterize our cruises will take you on a unique and relaxing journey!


The Egadi archipelago is located at the western end of Sicily, a few miles from Trapani, and is made up of the islands of Favignana , Levanzo , Marettimo , the islet of Formica and the rock of Maraone. The Egadi islands are set in splendid crystalline waters, and host a rich and varied marine flora and fauna. These characteristics make this archipelago a popular destination for snorkelling, diving and sailing enthusiasts. The natural beauties that characterize the waters of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo also extend to the mainland. In fact, for those who love walks immersed in nature, the Egadi islands show a rich vegetation where there is no lack of endemic plants with medicinal properties, while from the faunal point of view, birds are of considerable importance. In order to preserve the natural beauty of the archipelago, the Protected Marine Area (AMP) of the Egadi Islands, the largest marine reserve in Europe, has recently been established.




  • 9.00 am - Arrival by boat at the tourist port of Trapani, accommodation in the cabins and en route to the Egadi Islands.

  • In Favignana stops in the most suggestive coves for swimming with snorkeling and light lunch on board

  • Return to the port of Favignana in the late afternoon.

  • Tantric Surya Namaskara at Sunset, on the small port of Favignana, with the Maya Swati Devi teacher.

  • Free time and free dinner in the beautiful Favignana. (On the island you can rent bicycles and discover the beauties of the island, even from the ground)

  • Overnight on board, in the port.


Day 2: Favignana

  • 8.00 -9.00 Tantric Yoga session on the harbor of Favignana with the Maya Swati Devi teacher.

  • Breakfast on board

  • Visit to the other most suggestive coves of Favignana and light lunch on board

  • Return to the port of Favignana in the late afternoon. (On the island you can rent bicycles and discover the beauties of the island, even from the ground)

  • Sunset Meditation led by Maya Swati Devi.

  • Free time and free dinner in Favignana.

  • Overnight on board, in the port.


Day 3: Favignana / Levanzo / Trapani

  • 8: 00-9: 00 Tantric Yoga session on the beach of Favignana with the Maya Swati Devi teacher.

  • Breakfast on board

  • We set sail for the island of Levanzo

  • Visit of some coves of the island of Levanzo and light lunch on board.

  • Return to the port of Trapani at 5.00 pm.


Sailing boat

A splendid sailing boat, DEHLER 38, of 12 meters, of character with elegant spacious interiors in perfect sailing style.

The AQUAMARINE team will welcome you on board with a warm welcome.

Inside the boat the light colors and the warmth of the wood will frame the nights at anchor in the middle of the sea, the comfort of the aft and bow double cabins will ensure relaxing and regenerating sleep.

Meals will be cooked on board by our trusted Natural Chef Marco Mudra with fresh and organic ingredients and can be eaten in a large 8-seater dinette or in the external aft cockpit.

While sailing you can enjoy the sun and the sea on the large deck and on the bow or under the awning.

There are 3 double cabins and 2 toilets on board.



*** If there are more participants, other sailing boats that collaborate with our association will be used.


The kitchen on board

We believe that eating healthily and consciously positively affects people's mood and quality of life.

This is why our menu on board includes top quality ingredients, with particular attention to organic vegetables and fruit, bread with ancient grains and sourdough, Sicilian DOC organic oil, the use of cereals and pasta with non refined.

The search for Mediterranean recipes with touches of oriental, Indian and Arab flavors combines the flavors of Sicily and World Cuisine. https://www.aquamarinesicily.com/la-cucina-naturale-a-bordo




  • Staff: Captain + chef / helper + Yoga teacher.

  • Healthy and organic breakfasts and lunches cooked by our chef Marco Mudra on board.

  • Accommodation in a double cabin, sheets provided, bring personal towels and beach towels.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing at the start / end of the cruise

  • ASI / CONI Asd Aquamarine membership card with insurance.



  • Port moorings to be shared with all participants on board.

  • Fuel according to consumption (only if it is not possible to sail with open sails. The maximum amount will be € 50.00 to be shared with all guests on board.

  • Egadi Reserve and Anchorage Fee for Favignana / Levanzo Island Buoys € 18.00 per day.



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