Regulation on board

On Board Etiquette

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Aquamarine Asd follows the philosophy of eco-sustainability in all the activities it offers, spreading an ECO-FRIENDLY lifestyle for the sea and the surrounding environment..Read our Philosophy and Mission CLICK HERE



  • IT IS NOT PERMITTED To get on with the shoes on board.

  • NO SMOKING while sailing on our Sailboat..MODER SMOKING ON BOARD, It is possible to smoke only if the sails are not open, only aft, with the permission of the Captain.It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts into the sea.

  • -CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC MODERATE ON BOARD We advise our guests not to use alcohol excessively, so as not to feel bad and not to spoil the experience of the other guests on board. It is forbidden to bring personal alcohol of any kind on board.If you want to consume white wine or sparkling wine on board, you can request it a day before boarding and we will find you on board one of our organic wines and sparkling wines and without sulphites (extra cost for the daily tour or included only in the weekend / week tour). The captain reserves the right to regulate the consumption of alcohol on board and to resume people who exceed.

  • -NO A SCREAM, SCHIAMAZZI or HIGH MUSIC on board, so as not to disturb the tranquility of all guests.

  • IT IS NOT PERMITTED to bring personal spirits or spirits on board.

  • FISHING IS FORBIDDEN on the boat, collecting seafood, shellfish, starfish and all plants or animals in the marine environment.

  • IT IS NOT PERMITTED to introduce bags or plastic bags on boats as they could pollute the sea.

  • PLEASE DO NOT USE polluting tanning creams. It is forbidden to get in the sun in contact with the boat, because sun creams stain and corrode the resin glass.

  • FOR CHILDREN Sailing on a sailing boat is recommended for calm and relaxed children. Please take care of the safety of your children, preventing the crew on board from intervening.

  • FOR THOSE WHO SUFFER FROM SEA SICKNESS: For your health and the well-being of those on board our boats it is advisable to take sea sickness tablets before boarding.



  • USE OF BATHROOM ON BOARD: It is strictly forbidden to use the bathroom when the boat is stationary in the port. It is also ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to throw toilet paper in the toilet, but to use the trash on board.

  • DIFFERENTIATED COLLECTION on Board-Safeguard the Sea and Nature!


  • THE WATER ON BOARD IS PRECIOUS: Let's not waste it! We use a glass to brush our teeth or we use water only for the time necessary to wash our hands and body, avoiding unnecessary waste.

  • USE OF CABINS ON BOARD: You will be provided with a change of sheets for the duration of your cruise and you will be responsible for aerating your cabin and making your bed. Beach towels are personal and must be brought by the guests themselves.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT SAILING Bring on board the indispensable: A bath towel, swimsuit, a k-way or sweatshirt for the evening, comfortable and comfortable clothes and not large rigid suitcases, only soft bags to be placed in the berth lockers.

  • THE SAILBOAT - Sailing is a way of life, on board all participants collaborate with the crew to navigate and will ensure that they do not get in the way. Sailing means respecting the rhythms of the sea and the wind and enjoying the journey, not reaching the destination as soon as possible.

  • LIVE THE SEA in RELAXATION! Our excursions are made to live the sea in total tranquility and serenity, leave all the habits at home, get out of the routine of your life and enter the experience itself in contact with the sea and the elements of nature.


    We follow the Covid 19 sanitation regulation with products certified by the Ministry of Health. We follow the rules of safety and social distancing respecting the rules of distance of 1 meter between one person and another.

  • THE CAPTAIN reserves the right to modify the routes, the stops, the itinerary according to the conditions of the sea and the wind, to guarantee the safety of everyone on board and to make all participants live a wonderful experience in total security and tranquility.


  • OUR MENU ON BOARD with fresh and organic ingredients

    Our Chef, an expert in natural cuisine, will prepare a light lunch with Mediterranean flavors, with healthy and organic ingredients accompanied by snacks of Sicilian olives, mixed bruschetta, fresh fruit, soft drinks and fruit juices, water (everyone will have their own bottle) . Normal and barley coffee, hot and cold tea, organic herbal teas will be available. Our bread is organic with ancient grains.

  • White or sparkling wine is considered an extra. If you wish to request the service, you can order it 2 days before departure for € 10.00 a bottle. We serve organic wines on board, without sulphites from the AC lifestyle line.

  • INTOLERANCES and ALLERGIES: Please report any intolerances to be able to offer you a menu alternative suited to your needs.


OUR TEAM and our skills:

  • BEPPE KAMAL- Captain, professional skipper with thirty years of experience, PADI Scuba Diving Master Instructor, Freediver. With rescue patent and Rescue Diving Master. President of ASD AQUAMARINE.

  • MAYA DEVI- Boat owner Ander, Yoga Alliance Yoga Instructor since 2000, Biosnorkeling Instructor, Mermaiding (Swimming finned with mermaid tail), Rescue Patent and BLSD issued by FIAS. Vice president, coordination and organization of ASD AQUAMARINE activities,

  • MARCO MUDRA- Chef of Natural and Organic Cuisine, professional Photographer & Videomaker, Skipper Assistant. ASD AQUAMARINE Councilor and technical director of the Visual / Photography part of the association. CLICK HERE to get to know our team.


“Navigating puts you in a more human condition by helping you recognize

the really important things in life. "