Three days

A 3-Day Mini Cruise to explore the North-West coast of Sicily, from the Zingaro Park to the Egadi Islands

The Egadi Islands have been a crossroads of peoples in every age. The first human settlements date back to the Paleolithic era, when small tribes of primitive men crossed the thin strip of land that united Levanzo and Favignana to Sicily, unlike Marettimo which detached itself from the mainland was already an island. Primitive men settled along the coasts, living by hunting, fishing, collecting shellfish and fruits spontaneously given by mother earth. They lived in caves such as those of Uccerie and Madonna in Favignana , in the Faraglioni area. But the most significant presence of these men inside the caves is certainly given to us by the " Grotta del Genovese " in Levanzo . Dating back to the Paleolithic - Neolithic, this cave-sanctuary contains precious graffiti and paintings that tell us, thanks to an uncommon artistic skill and skill, the experience of these our predecessors: their spiritual sphere, their propitiatory dances for hunting, captured prey and so on.

Around 6,000 BC, the strip of land that connected Favignana and Levanzo to the mainland gradually became thinner and thinner until the two finally became separate islands.

The Phoenician period, the Romans and the First Punic War

With the advent of the first navigators from the East, driven by their commercial activities, the Phoenicians arrived in the waters of the Egadi islands . In fact, the Egadi Islands were in a strategic position by virtue of the fact that Sicily became the theater for their intense and profitable trade. The Phoenicians settled in Favignana in the north-eastern area of ​​San Nicola. Traces of their settlement remain in the caves used as a dwelling, sacred place and tombs.

Simultaneously with the presence of the Phoenicians in the Mediterranean, Rome was looming on the horizon, laying the foundations for what would later become an empire with immense borders.

PROGRAM Fri / Sat / Sun or 3 working days

! ° Day
Departure from the port of BALESTRATE (PA) on Friday morning.,

Day 1: Balestrate / Favignana

Arrival by boat in the morning and accommodation in the cabins (free car parking at the port of Balestrate)

We set sail for Favignana with a swim stop along the way (San Vito lo Capo or Macari) and light lunch on board

Sailing along the Zingaro nature reserve and from San Vito Lo Capo to enjoy the sunset and arrive in Favignana for dinner. We plan a swim break in one of the most beautiful and evocative coves of the Zingaro Reserve.
Arrival in Favignana, free time and dinner ashore in one of the typical restaurants of the Egadi Islands and free evening.

Overnight on the boat, in the port.

2nd day
Breakfast on board

9.30 am Departure from the port of Favignana to begin the circumnavigation of the island with its most beautiful and unspoiled coves (Cala Rossa, Cala Azzurra, Cala Rotonda).
Return to Favignana at 6.00 pm to enjoy an aperitif in the village, in one of the many outdoor cafes.

Free dinner and overnight on board in the port.

3rd day
9.00 am Departure for the island of Levanzo and stop for swimming in Cala Fridda, light lunch on board and return to the port of Balestrate. Return time scheduled for 18.00 / 18.30.

*** The excursion is carried out only if the sea, wind and weather conditions are suitable for navigation.

Sailing boat
A beautiful Dehler 38 sailboat with 3 large double cabins, 2 bathrooms, a kitchenette, large outdoor cockpit and ample bow space for sunbathing.
It can accommodate up to 6 people. FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE



  • Crew

2 crew members and chef on board


  • Accommodation in a double cabin, with attached bathroom.

  • Supplied set of towels and sheets.

  • Fuel, basic galley

  • 3 light lunches, 2 breakfasts on board

  • Soft drinks, sparkling and still water.

  • Fresh fruit and light snacks on board

  • Membership card with insurance

  • Cleaning and sanitizing at the start / end of the cruise.



  • Moorings

  • Fuel

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Bottle of bubbles offered by us!


*** As per COVID 19 regulations we only accept 4 people on board (+ 2/3 crew)





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