Natural cuisine on board

by Chef Marco Mudra

Organic wines on board


The natural cuisine that we offer to our guests is by CHEF Marco Mudra.

His decades of experience in natural, organic, healthy, vegetarian and vegan food, gained at his MUDRA Natural lifestyle restaurant in Milan, has created a menu for all our guests based on the principles of nature and human well-being.

We believe that eating healthily and consciously positively affects people's mood and quality of life.

For this reason, our on-board menu includes first quality ingredients, with particular attention to vegetables and organic fruit, ancient grain bread and sourdough, Sicilian organic DOC oil, the use of cereals and pasta with non-flour refined.

The search for Mediterranean recipes with touches of oriental, Indian and Arab flavors combines the flavors of Sicily and World Cuisine.


  • THE RECIPES ON BOARD are cooked with fresh and organic ingredients.



    Our Chef, an expert in natural cuisine, will prepare a light lunch with Mediterranean flavors, (a cold brown rice with vegetables, a Middle Eastern couscous with vegetables, or a pasta with Trapani pesto, with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil, or with vegetables and tomato, All dishes are prepared with healthy and organic ingredients.
  • SNACKS will be served on board during navigation: Sicilian olives, mixed bruschetta and tomato. hummus and olives,, rustic crisps, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews ,.

  • The fresh, organic seasonal burp will not be missing!

  • DRINKS: ON BOARD: Soft drinks and fruit juices, tonic water, cold lemon or peach teas, water (each will have its own 50 ml fresh bottle).

  • COFFEE and TEA Normal and barley coffee, hot and cold tea, organic herbal teas will be available. Our bread is organic with ancient grains.

  • WINE White or sparkling wine is considered an extra on board. If you wish to request the service, you can order it 2 days before departure. On board we serve Organic Wines, without sulphites from the AC lifestyle line.

  • INTOLERANCES and ALLERGIES: We are attentive to intolerances and allergies. We ask our guests to report any intolerances 3 days before departure, in order to offer a menu alternative suited to everyone's needs.