ASD AQUAMARINE in collaboration with MAHARANI ARTS OF INDIA , Dance School & Dance Company founded and directed by Maya Devi in ​​2007, the first Italian dance school to offer courses in Rajasthan and Kalbelya Gypsy Dances, Sufi Dances, Bollywood Dance recognized by International dance council CID UNESCO.

MAHARANI ARTS OF INDIA offers courses in Indian and ethnic dances, organizes shows, cultural events, vernissages, inaugurations, private parties in pure Indian style and exotic weddind inspired by the cultures of India and Asia.

Maya Devi is an international dancer and teacher of Indian dances. Artistic director of the Nomad Dance Fest and the Mayur Indian Dance Fest. Since 1996 he has traveled to India and performed in historical places and in front of important personalities. It collaborates with Indian Institutions to transmit Indian culture in Italy by organizing festivals and cultural events by inviting national and international artists of Indian dance.

Maya is a member of the INTERNATIONAL DANCE CONUNCIL-UNESCO and as a dancer and member of CID she teaches and organizes internships throughout Italy.
Since 2014 Maya Devi has been nominated by the ITALIAN DANCE FEDERATION the only MASTER COACH PROFESSIONAL and technical director of the Bollywood Dance sector in Italy. He is a Master abilitated and a competition and exam judge of the Bollywood dance professional course organized by BOLLYWOOD MAHARANI DANCE ACADEMY in Milan.

In 2013 Maya Devi received the high honor of the ARVIND SHAHI conferred by the Maharana of Udaipur during HOLIKA at the City Palace of Udaipur in INDIA, in 2015 she received the recognition from INCREDIBLE INDIA and Consulate General of India in Milan for the diffusion of dance and Indian culture in Italy.

In 2017 Maya Devi was awarded by the Consul of India Mr. Singh for her ten-year artistic career and diffusion of Indian dance in Italy during the ceremony at the Indian Consulate of India in Milan.

Since 2017 Maya Devi has been completely dedicated to the study and dissemination of KATHAK INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCE which she deepens with dedication and discipline with her teacher ANUREKHA GHOSH in Calcutta, INDIA.

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Bollywood dance

Bollywood dance is a contemporary fusion of a long artistic tradition that spans all of Indian history. Its spectacular charm has spread far beyond the borders of India thanks to the success of the major film productions, in which dance plays a central role. sacred gestures) of the hands, combined with a rich heritage of facial expressions and bodily expressions.

Rajasthani dances

One of the most sensual forms of gypsy dance in Rajasthan is the Kalbelia originating from the community of snake charmers who live in the Thar desert in India and who over the centuries pursue the ancient craft of catching snakes and selling poison. The energetic and at the same time sensual movements train and strengthen the body in an exceptional way. The movements of this dance resemble that of snakes: whirling turns, sensual gestures of the body and hands, swaying of the hips and the extraordinary use of arms and hands.

The Sufi dance

Samâc (in Turkish, Semà), also called “the dance of ecstasy”, is the typical dhikrdella Mevleviyya, the Sufi Brotherhood founded in Konya (Turkey) by Jalâl âlDîn Rûmî in the 13th century.
Taken as a whole, the whole ritual semà has multiple values. First of all: the Mevlevi dance a complete ritual Semà in Konya the second week of December to celebrate the death of Jalâl âlDîn Rûmî. Highly emblematic and spiritual, this dance is the very expression of divine reality and reality, in a world in which everything, to subsist, must rotate like atoms, like planets, like thought.